Sunday, 23 December 2018

Maths and Crafting

The Monday Challenge at Simon Says Stamp this week is "All Stitched up."
So, my poor brain went into overdrive with what to do.  I could use some of the many stitched dies I have.  I could cross stitch a quick design, but all my stuff is still in packing boxes from our last house move.  I decided to cross stitch a design on to card.  Since I don't have any of the fabulous dies that punch the grid for you, this meant punching the holes myself, not a problem.  So I started my design, and as I was beavering away Hubby walked past (I work on the dining room table) and asked what I was doing.  I explained about the challenge and he said, "You could do a curve of pursuit."  Instantly I dropped my half cross-stitched design and got started.  

And here is my card.

The shape I have stitched is called a cardioid, and is kind of a heart shape.  Once Upon a Time I taught mathematics to secondary school students, and my classes used to love making these curves.  Apart from providing the occasional light relief from algebra, they also reinforce ordered thinking, working systematically, and for younger children they help with multiplication tables.  

The definition of a cardioid is a plane curve traced by a point on the perimeter of a circle that is rolling around a fixed circle of the same radius, as beautifully demonstrated by this gif from Wikipedia.

I made mine by marking off 60 points evenly around a circle, then join with a thread (or draw a line with pencil and ruler) point 1 to point 2 (1 x 2 = 2), then point 2 to point 4 (2 x 2 = 4), then point 3 to point 6 (3 x 2 = 6), and so on.  It is much easier if you write the numbers round the outside!
The sentiment is from WPlus9's Modern Petunias stamp set.

Well, there you are - an impromptu maths lesson!  Thank you for stopping by,

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